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Prescription Drug Addiction

November 19, 2010

For Americans, Prescription Drug Abuse May Pave a Wide Path to Illicit Drug Use

America’s war on street drugs routinely garners headlines but much less attention is given to our problem with prescription drug abuse, despite the fact that it is more widespread than abuse of all types of illicit drugs combined, excepting only marijuana. And despite their therapeutic purposes, controlled prescription drugs can be just as deadly as heroin, cocaine or other street drugs.

Americans are so accustomed to trusting the medical community that they don’t have the same sense of danger about these drugs that they do with street drugs. Children are given prescription drugs throughout their childhoods. Can it be damaging to raid the medicine cabinet, accept a few pills from a friend or order your own supply from an unscrupulous Internet site? It can be bad enough to account for 23 percent of all drug-related emergency room admissions and more than 20 percent of all single drug-related emergency room deaths. ER admissions from this cause have grown three to four times faster than admissions for heroin or cocaine use.

And youth are by no means the only victims of this trend. Many adults are prescribed sleep aids, antidepressants or painkillers for legitimate complaints and then may develop a dependence or slide into abuse.

One of the most frequently abused drugs is OxyContin, an opioid (opium-like) painkiller. The strength of OxyContin made it a valuable painkiller for those people suffering from severe pain that no other painkiller would touch. The higher dosage was made safe for use by administering it in a time-release formulation. The downside: all abusers had to do was to crush or dissolve the tablet to thwart its time-release mechanism. The result of abuse was a high similar to heroin.


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November 11, 2010

Detox, short for detoxification, is most commonly defined as “a period of medical treatment, usually including counseling, during which a person is helped to overcome physical and psychological dependence to alcohol or drugs.”

Detoxification can come in a variety of forms depending on what a person is trying to detox or trying to accomplish. Body detox is when a person is trying to detox their entire physical body for some substance.

Drug detox is when a person is trying to detox the physical body from any drugs that they have put in to their body. For some and depending on what drug you are detoxifying from, this can be very hard for a person to confront. And a person is trying to rid their physical body of pot is called marijuana detox.

Alcohol detox and heroin detox can be very hard on an individual as these drugs pose the most problems for an individual. Alcohol detoxification can be very dangerous to a person’s health and most often needs to be medically supervised. Any type of opiate detox is so hard on a person’s body that most often the individual will relapse because the pain is so severe.

Natural detox facilities occur when a person is not substituting one drug for another and they are getting clean from all drugs or toxins. This is the type of detox program that gives an individual the best results.

A person needs to look at all options to find the best detox for them. A detox center will help a person with the detox and withdrawal period. We have detox programs for a reason so many more people should be using them to get help with their detoxification process.

There are many more detox options for a person. A person can detox from anything they choose but when it comes to drugs or alcohol, it gets tricky for a person to continue the detox period when the withdrawal symptoms are so severe. There are professionals that are specifically trained to help a person through this ordeal as it can be very rough for a person.

It may be very hard for a family member or loved one to sit back and watch someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol try to detox. As I said before, detox can be very harsh to an individual and that is why we as professionals assist in the detox process. The best thing that a family member or loved one can do is give as much support as possible to the person who is struggling. The only way for each member affected by addiction to live a life without the stress of drug or alcohol addiction is for the person addicted to get clean. This will end the misery for so many people.


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November 3, 2010

In America, alcohol use extends far beyond the limits of drug use. In 2005, 51% of all Americans consumed alcohol in  one month, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. But alcohol overuse presents just as serious a problem as the worst drug addiction.

Alcohol consumption becomes alcohol dependence or alcoholism when it creates problems and damages lives but these effects are ignored. Alcohol dependence indicates that there is an addiction to alcohol and that a person must find and consume alcohol to feel good or normal, be comfortable around other people, enjoy life, etc.

An alcohol addiction is a condition characterized by repeated, compulsive seeking and use of alcohol despite adverse social, mental or physical consequences. It is usually accompanied by psychological and physical dependence on alcohol and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when it is rapidly decreased or terminated.


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Addiction Treatments

October 28, 2010

As the drug and alcohol problem gets worse, more and more people are in desperate need of an addiction treatment. There are literally millions of people who are seeking help for themselves or their loved ones. Having so many options for addictiontreatment, it could be very difficult to find the right rehabilitation program that fits you the best. drug treatment is meant to help addicted individuals stop compulsive drug use.

Treatment can occur in a variety of settings, in many different forms, and for different lengths of time. Because drug addiction is a serious issue in today’s world, it is not easy to quit. Unfortunately, many addiction treatment programs  will lead to occasional relapses.  Treatment lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes. When you look for drug addiction treatment you have to consider a couple of things such as success rate of the program, length of it, and the after program services.

Many addicted individuals believe that they can stop using drugs on their own. Although some people are successful, many attempts lead to failure. There are many things that can cause relapses. Number one, although an individual quit using, drugs still stay in that person’s system causing a physical craving for a particular substance. Number two, most of the time an ex-addict will stay in the same environment just for the fact that he or she is used to living in that surrounding. As the drug addiction gets stronger, the individual has to realize that he or she needs professional help. Not getting into a good drug rehabilitation center right away can lead to death

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Rehab Center

October 21, 2010

rehab Centers in the United States

It goes without saying that there is a huge drug problem in the United States. As such, the demand for effective rehab centers is growing at an astounding pace. Over the past year, thousands of US citizens have reported substance abuse issues but have not received treatment. Prescription drug abuse has also skyrocketed. Doctors and pharmaceutical groups can share in this cause, but the market is there as well. 

The drug companies and physicians are nothing more than law protected, drug pushers with licenses to give overdoses to patients. Too often, prescriptions are written not to heal but to raise the bottom line. Pain management centers are a new rage where people basically pay for narcotics to ease their “pains”. Every addict in America must be in constant pain then.

Why America Needs Rehab Centers

With legislation not altering the drug and alcohol problems that are currently facing our nation, the only long-term solution to this huge drug issue is the establishment and identification of successful, rehab centers that provide long-term support. Currently there are 20 million+ Americans struggling with an addiction to an illegal substance. The need for effective rehab centers has never been greater.

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction too often ends in death. For some reason, people fail to understand the magnitude of the drug and alcohol problem within the United States. Decreasing this problem and dealing with the sources seems to be an unachievable task. This is a tragedy because all that is required to help eliminate this problem is direct communication and productive rehab centers for drug and alcohol abuse. Many US rehab centers offer free counseling and referral treatments to people who need help.


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Addiction Treatment

October 14, 2010

A quick glance at most addiction treatment articles today usually shows some stories about high-profile people or celebrities entering a treatment center, some new piece of legislation being supported by one group or another, and even the latest attempt to treat addicts with more drugs.

The first category starts to become redundant when a celebrity goes in and out of multiple centers to relapse over and over. This sort of news is helpful to the addiction treatment field as far as general promotion goes, but harmful when multiple relapses occur. A successful program will ensure that the majority of its clients do not have to be readmitted for treatment ever again in their lifetime.

The last example might be the most startling one, since the goal of addiction treatment should be to get people to stop using alcohol and other drugs for good. By prescribing a new drug to someone already addicted, they are being left under the influence, mentally and/or physically, of yet another toxic substance complete with its own set of side effects, so how can we really rely on addiction treatment if this is the case. 

News of these drugs, most of them already on the market for some other treatment and being tested to see if they have any effect on addicts, is typically related to the stock market shares of the drug’s manufacturer. There never has been a wonder drug that will cure any kind of addiction on a broad basis, or even produce newsworthy results which is why we are still stuck in the cycle of addiction that is affecting so many today. Therefore the addiction treatment news focus isn’t on how effective the drug is, but how many millions or billions of dollars in sales the for-profit drug maker is projecting for its new market.



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Alcohol Rehab

October 7, 2010

Alcohol is a huge problem in today’s society no matter what part of the globe you are talking about. There are alcohol rehabilitation centers all over the country, and chances are you have an alcohol rehab center in your area.  If you need to find an alcohol rehab program you can probably find an alcohol rehabilitation center near you. There are so many alcohol rehabs around the country because the problem is so big.

There are many different approaches to choosing an alcohol abuse rehab. When looking for alcohol rehab facilities it is important to find alcohol rehab treatment that is right for you. Alcoholism rehabilitation is a very difficult task. You must decide if you want inpatient alcohol rehab, which is also referred to as residential alcohol treatment. alcohol rehabilitation facilities that offer this kind of treatment have rooms where the clients will stay for a period of weeks or months. For addicts who have been drinking for years and have heavy drinking habits, this is probably the best choice.

Alcoholics are so used to drinking that quitting can be very uncomfortable and even deadly. They will be shaky and irritable. They may even hallucinate and be very short tempered. First, alcoholism leads to a series of destructive, unhealthy, and painful physical as well as emotional, social, and spiritual symptoms that will get progressively worse unless the individual abstains from drinking.  Second, a crucial step in the recovery process is acknowledging the fact that drinking has become a problem and having the desire and the willpower to quit drinking. Third, once the alcoholic reaches this point, the next obstacle to overcome is how to best cope with the withdrawal symptoms that typically follow.  Fourth, the most logical and effective way to cope with and overcome alcoholism physical symptoms is to immediately see a doctor or healthcare professional so that he or she can assess the severity of the problem and suggest the most appropriate and productive form of treatment or intervention.


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